Issue in the works, and Chuseok

I am in the process of organizing the issue, and hope to finish in the next week or so.

This week is Chuseok, the harvest festival in South Korea. In China they celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, and in Japan, Tsukimi. In Korea, the festival involves traveling home to visit the family, and then a memorial service for deceased relatives, a visit to the graves–often mounded dirt found on the sides of mountains, overlooking the valley–and eating certain traditional foods. As BTS says, “Chuseok is the season when the sky is high and the horses are plump.” It seems to also be a time to wish blessings of health, happiness, peace, and the achievement of dreams.

I’d intended to ride a motorcycle to a national park, but the mechanic advised me to make some fixes which won’t happen until next week, and so now, travel delayed, I’ll have time to get the issue together.

Happy Chuseok everyone.

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