Issue Four is Now Live

It’s exciting to announce the release of the fourth issue of Foreign Literary Journal. In addition to work written from around the globe, this issue features visual media from some fantastic photographers and visual artists, including our cover contest winner, Leigh MacArthur, of Yangju, South Korea. Also featured are the following writers, poets and artists:

Thomas Barber, Willow Barnosky, Despy Boutris, Jaime Alejandro Cruz, Deegy Dallong, Ash Dean, Timothy Dodd, Somrita Urni Ganguly, John Greiner, Will Jackson, Mike Knowles, Carlo Rey Lacsamana, Mark L. Levinson, Leigh MacArthur, Michal Mahgerefteh, John C. Mannone, Neha Maqsood, Candace Meredith, Irina Moga, Tabitha Novotny, Abdulmugheeth Petersen, Dawn Raffel, Florangel Reyes, Ben G. Rosenstein, Niall Ruddy, Michael T. Smith, Ed Strosser, Chris Tharp, Enas Suleiman, Sarena Tien, Francisco J. Villarreal, Michael Volpe, and Rondalyn Whitney.

We are grateful to showcase their work, and over the next few weeks we look forward to sharing some of it on the website. Support us by picking up a copy today!

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