Foreign Literary Journal

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Our Spring Issue is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of the third issue of Foreign Literary Journal, showcasing the work of writers and poets from around the globe.

The authors are from or writing on places as far as Pakistan, China, South Korea, Nepal, South Africa, Israel, Zambia, France, India, Canada, the United States, Nigeria, Sudan, Australia, Kyrgyzstan and more. Whether it is returning to the 1970s, when college-aged author Lucy Ferriss follows a romantic crush to Austria, to spend a winter in a skiing village as a bar maid, or Wallace Kaufman’s time in Kazakhstan in the 1990s, at the funeral for his host grandmother, and learning about a life that spanned the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Or being ejected from an RV on a family road trip, abandoned at a gas station in Norway, with Franz Jørgen Neumann and revisiting the memories and ghosts of an old college town.

This issue features work by the following authors:

Kelli Allen, Anne Babson, R. Bremner, K. Eltinaé, John Grey, Tim Fab-Eme, Stephen House, Kim Peter Kovac, John C. Mannone, Manthipe Moila, Guna Moran, W. E. Pasquini, kerry rawlinson, Jade Riordan, Rae Rozman, Michael Ruiz, Gerard Sarnat, Hibah Shabkhez, Ian C Smith, Yuan Changming, Lucy Ferriss Wallace Kaufman, Kirby Olson, Bhisma Upreti, Jessica Barksdale, and Franz Jørgen Neumann

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