We are currently closed for submissions.

Submissions can be emailed to Please include the genre (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Visual Art, Photography, Interview, etc.) in the subject of the email. We ask that your submission be attached to the email in a document that is double-spaced with 12 point font. Times New Roman is preferred, but we won’t be furious if you happen to use a slightly different font. Please include your name in the file title, and limit submissions to once every six months.

Multiple submissions are permitted, but if your work is accepted at another journal, please let us know.

For poetry, we ask that you keep your submissions under 80 lines. We enjoy all forms of poetry, but be careful with formal verse. Unless it’s some next-level Shakespearean stuff, we may not be interested.

For prose and interviews, we ask that they be a minimum of 1000 words. We set no strict upper limit on word count, but we prefer that you try to keep submissions under 4000 words.

For photography and visual media, please submit up to five images for consideration. Also, we would be interested in exploring photo-journalism or mixed media projects. We are most attracted to photographs with an interesting story attached. Please query us with any proposals and have high-res (300dpi) photos available.

Compensation: We are currently unable to offer compensation for work. However, we will do our best to provide a contributor’s copy of the magazine, depending on location of residence.

Deadline: There are no hard deadlines. Anything that doesn’t make it on time for an issue will be considered for the next.

Response Time: We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard from us after 60 days, feel free to request an update on your submission.

Publication Rights: If you decide to publish your work with us, we’ll assume exclusive first publication rights, for both print and online purposes, as well as for use in social media promotional purposes. Upon publication, rights will revert to the author. Republishing is fine by us, but please do give us credit, “First appeared in…”

In addition, we ask that you grant us non-exclusive electronic rights to maintain your writing in our online archives. After six months, upon request, we can remove your work entirely from our archives.

Photography/Visual Media Rights: All rights to the image remain with the photographer/artist, and there is no requirement for exclusivity in publication. All uses of the image will be credited to the photographer/artist.

Foreign is published semiannually, both online and in print.