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Two Poems from Korea

Ash Dean is a father, poet and educator. He grew up in Ferguson, Missouri and currently lives in Ansan, South Korea. He is an MFA graduate of The International Writing Program at City University of Hong Kong. Ash is the author of Cardiography from Finishing Line Press. His work has appeared in Amethyst, Cha, Drunken Boat, Foreign, Gravel, Ma La, Mason’s Road, Red Coyote, Re:locations, Soul-Lit, Speechless, and in the anthology Afterness: Literature from the New Transnational Asia. He is the editor of Transpacificism.

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Three Poems of Korea

Dear Korea

and your dreamy neon lights,
Nascar cab drivers indifferent to my safety belts,
you’ve always given me a bed,
at times it’s been a park bench,
but if you couldn’t get me home you always woke me up
with sunlight.
Thank you.